Strategic America and Lennox at Lennox BoothAs vice president of residential sales for Lennox Industries, a global provider of solutions for home comfort, I have had the opportunity to work with various companies that are committed to our growth and our return on investment, two business qualities that are most important in my book.

Strategic America (SA) and Lennox started our relationship more than 30 years ago by providing marketing and advertising solutions to Lennox dealers in Iowa. About 15 years ago, SA was selected to represent all of our Lennox dealers across the country.

Throughout our relationship with SA, Lennox has experienced continuous progress. This has a lot to do with effective results, but it has even more to do with the chemistry our two companies have fostered as we have worked together to provide fulfilling experiences for Lennox dealers and in turn, Lennox customers.

Through my first-hand experience with SA, I have seen how a marketing agency can lead companies, and its customers, to success and help increase our sales year after year. With that said, here are a few tips on how your company can benefit from utilizing an experienced full-service marketing agency:

1. Defining and Understanding Success. It is essential that the ad agency you work with understands what success means to your company. One key indicator of success for Lennox is growth on local and national levels. SA understands this and works closely with our team to help reach corporate sales and marketing objectives while also assisting dealers in local markets achieve their goals.

2. Providing Options, Meeting Needs. From selling residential air conditioners in Austin, Texas, to furnaces in Anchorage, Alaska, we have dealers across the nation who have different needs and different budgets. With this in mind, SA worked with the Lennox marketing team to develop, consult, and administer various components of the Lennox Consumer Advertising and Promotions (CAP) program. This promotion-driven program is tailored to meet the needs of our dealers so they can optimize their local marketing dollars. Make sure the ad agency you are working with has the resources you need and is able and willing to provide a variety of options to meet the needs of your company and contractors.

3. Above and Beyond. Find an agency who is willing to take the extra step, to go beyond their basic requirements and treat you and your customers like family. I recall many hours spent in the car traveling with SA team members from city to city, meeting and consulting with our dealers. It’s that kind of commitment that lets Lennox, and our dealers, know that SA is vested in helping us be successful together.

The longevity of our 30+ year relationship with SA has fostered a true business partnership that includes mutual understanding and respect. SA has become an extension of our team and we appreciate their hard work and ability to produce dynamic results for over three decades — now that’s what I call commitment.

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