The law of money, simply stated, says “Any significant sized budget (personal or business) will absorb every dollar put in it.” But the bottom line is we spend what we have available. Are you tired of working hard but having nothing to show for it other than a weekly salary?

Try this. Go to the person that handles the checkbook. Instruct them to right a check for “x” number of dollars each week, perhaps on Tuesday. It might be $50 a week or a couple hundred dollars, you pick the number. Once they right the check instruct them to deposit it in your personal savings account or mutual fund. The law of money says everything in your checkbook will be spent but it also says “Somehow you will make it no matter what’s in your checkbook.” Tell the person in the office not to look at the company cash flow and not to ask you about it each week - just do it!

If you invested $100 a week in a mutual fund that historically earns 12 percent (I said historically, not this year in this economy) in five years you would have nearly $35,000 and within 10 years the figure would growth to nearly $100,000. You will never miss the $100 a week and it’s a lot of fun to watch it grow! Try it and then give me a call in a few years.

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Tom Grandy is president of Grandy & Associates.