We all visit YouTube on occasion. Some of us spend hours per day on the site, catching up on clips of late-night shows from the day before, watching blooper reels, or enjoying highlights of great moments in Detroit Red Wings history (Is that just me? Maybe that’s just me.) No matter why you are using it, you are, and so are over 30 million visitors per day. In fact, almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

Have you considered joining the creative side of the equation rather than just being a passive visitor? How-to videos are among the most popular offerings you will find on YouTube as people constantly look to solve their problems by seeing if someone else has already shared their experiences with a YouTube video.

This provides an opportunity to showcase your company, your branding, and your expertise, and you can do all that for free. All it takes is the drive and motivation to film one of your technicians troubleshooting, installing, or performing maintenance on an HVAC system. Run the name of your company along the bottom of the video as well as your website, office hours, and phone number.

Don’t go revealing any super-confidential trade secrets, but perform a task well, and allow people to stumble across your video and your company in an avenue that wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t have this video on YouTube.

This isn’t going to ever replace traditional marketing opportunities, but if even a few people call you instead of the other guys because they saw your video and trusted the technician within it, isn’t it worth it?

Publication date: 11/20/2017