I do a lot of Internet searches both on my personal computer and at work. And when I’m looking for reputable companies — either for service or as a source for a story — the first thing I do is check out their websites. And one of the first places I go to is a business’ ‘About Me’ page, because it gives me a sense of the company – who they are, what they do, what their values are, and more.

The About Me section is an opportunity for contracting businesses to build trust among potential customers and differentiate themselves from the competition. And, many times, I see companies that are not taking full advantage of that section of their website. There are some pages with a just a short paragraph or mission statement that leave me wondering what the company does, even after reading it.

So, I’m wondering, what does your About Me page include? Are there photos? What about short team biographies? What do you think makes an About Me page successful? Interested in sharing? Contact me at nicolekrawcke@achrnews.com.