Around this time last year, I was car shopping. It was finally time to retire my 2004 Dodge Stratus that was literally falling apart around me, piece by piece. I went into the dealership with my mind already made up — I wanted the 2015 Ford Fusion. The test drive sealed the deal. This was my car.

While going through the process with our salesman, it occurred to me to ask if the car I was getting was made in Michigan. I knew Ford had previously moved part of its Fusion line to Mexico, and I preferred a vehicle made in the USA.

But, I’m wondering how many people actually care about details such as where the item was made. What about in the HVACR industry? Do customers ask contractors whether their new air conditioner was made in the U.S.? Does this information actually influence customers’ decisions? Are they willing to pay more for American-made products?

What about HVAC contractors themselves? Do they care where the products were made? I’m curious to hear about your experiences. Interested in sharing? Contact me at