Almost every contractor I talk with tells me the biggest challenge currently facing the HVACR industry is the growing labor shortage and skills gap. It’s tough for them to find good, skilled employees with experience. Some of the contractors I’ve spoken with have given up hiring experienced technicians altogether and are hiring new employees and training them in the required skills themselves.

One great way for contractors to find new talent is to partner with local trade and technical schools. By partnering with a training program, contractors can influence curriculum and ensure future workers learn the skills they need for the job.

The Sullivan College of Technology and Designis a great example of this. A recent article in Louisville Business Firstdiscusses the steps the school is taking to close the skills gap. It established a 35 member advisory board that includes HVACR contractors, leaders, and business owners. The group is looking for solutions to the problem, and it allows businesses to directly impact program development.

What is your business doing to combat the growing labor shortage and skills gap? Tell us about it in the comments.