I’m just getting started working on stories for The NEWS’ Home-performance Contracting issue, and I’m a little bit excited. Unlike many technical HVAC topics I’ve tackled so far, I actually have some (not much, but some) knowledge of home performance and what it entails — it’s not completely new to me. And it’s all thanks to the folks over at National Comfort Institute (NCI) for inviting me to its Summit 2015 conference and for answering endless questions for numerous stories. 

So, as I start to tackle this upcoming focus issue, I’m asking for input from home-performance contractors on how they sell and market home performance to their customers. Considering the average homeowner has no idea what home performance contracting is, how do you make money in it? How do you explain it to customers?

If you would like to participate in the upcoming article, contact me at nicolekrawcke@achrnews.comor at 248-244-6475.