Recently, Howard Weiss of HVAC Excellence posted the question “What can we do to recruit more people into the HVACR industry?” on The NEWS’ LinkedIn group. The HVACR industry has been asking itself this same question for a while now, and different people have come up with different answers. One answer that has been discussed is to talk to high school guidance counselors about the industry and to persuade them to not be so pro four-year college that they don’t think about what might be best of each student, which could be going into a trade such as HVAC. Another idea is to talk with high schoolers themselves, at career fairs and such, about the merits of the trade, and yet another is to talk with students in middle school about HVACR.

These all seem like good ideas. One thing I’d add is when you speak with any of the above-mentioned groups or others, don’t only discuss how important the industry is in everyone’s life, but convey how happy you are to be working in this industry.

It’s like that old children’s song “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” In the song, if you’re happy and you know it then you should do various physical things such as clap your hands, stomp your feet, etc., to let people know you’re happy. While I’m not suggesting you do any of those things while you’re talking, I do think you should make sure to have a smile on your face and in your voice to help communicate that you enjoy your work. It will help get your message across at a subconscious level as well as a conscious level.

In a blog by Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D. called “There’s Magic in Your Smile,” he said, “When you smile, people treat you differently. You’re viewed as attractive, reliable, relaxed and sincere.” And in the WebMD article by Joanne Barker “What Does Your Smile Say about You?” Lily T. Garcia, DDS, DDS, MS, FACP, president of the American College of Prosthodontists, is quoted as saying, “A smile conveys confidence and professionalism.”

Reliable, sincere, confident, and professional. Those are all positive things for people to sense about you as you’re talking to them, which seems like it should help them be receptive to your message about a career in HVACR. And that’s a good way to begin the conversation.