How do you define quality?

Merriam-Webster’s prescribes the word as “peculiar and essential character.”

Is your company offering a service worthy of “essential character?”

I mean, your service is so comprehensive, there is no way a customer would even consider an alternative, right?

Your technicians are the best. You perform the intricate details that most overlook. Before leaving a home, you dust a system off, sweep up the floor, close the windows you’ve opened, and even comment on how well-mannered the customer’s pets are.

You’d be surprised how many technicians — perhaps due to burnout or a desire to get in and get out — fail to say please and thank you. Some don’t even acknowledge the homeowner – failing to make eye contact on their way in. They play the role of human robot, and, to them, that’s par for the course.

Any technician can repair an HVAC system, right? I mean, that’s their job. The reality is, it’s the interpersonal interaction, the polite gestures, the extra consideration that will firmly place your company name in a customer’s cell phone contact list.

For example, in the publishing industry, imagine if you picked up a copy of your local newspaper and — underneath a nice, colorful picture of a little league game — you find your son’s name misspelled. What an embarrassment. So, like a proud parent, you want to show off the picture to your friends and family, but, every glance will include a disclaimer: “Yes, that’s him. … Yeah, I’m not sure how the reporter got his name wrong. I mean, Yurek is not very common, but I plainly spelled it out for her, Y-O-U-N-G. And, look, she has it down as Yong. What a disgrace.”

Take note: Every little detail counts. Attention to detail goes a long way in defining quality work.