Labor Day has passed, Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Explain to me then please, why I drove by a massive Santa displayed in front of a lighted snowflake scene that converted the local furniture store into a Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland wannabe. It’s too early. The Toys“R”Us Big Book was out before Halloween, for crying out loud.

Don’t get carried away and call me a Scrooge. I love Christmas. What bothers me is that each year, it seems to come earlier and earlier.

I am betting I am not the only one who would like to get their turkey and stuffing down before they start shopping for stocking stuffers. I wonder what your customers think of the early arrival of the season. Are they ready to handle the holiday ads, the lights, and the displays? What about the people that don’t celebrate Christmas? I am sure an extra month and a half won’t be bothersome to them at all.

Have a holiday sale. Enjoy the season. Give out special deals in your promotions and advertising if you want; but please keep the Santa scenes in storage until after Thanksgiving. The turkeys, your customers, and I will thank you.

To help make my point, I found a ridiculous video from last year you might enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving!