From food to insulation, the use of soy products is becoming a way of life for many consumers. Choosing soy and mandating soy, however, are two different things. Last month, New York City mandated soy usage via a regulation that “requires all home heating oil to contain at least two percent biodiesel, a blend called Bioheat.”

This action was one of the final steps in phasing in the regulations of the 2010 air quality bill that Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed. New York City appears to be the first city with a Bioheat requirement, but it isn’t the only city making new regulations in regards to the environment. Many cities and states are passing similar laws.

Though the future of local regulations is unsure, one thing contractors should be looking out for are new city regulations that could have a profound effect on their businesses. Bioheat and other environmentally friendly regulations may be a good idea on paper or in legislation, but real-life applications could cost a bundle. Perhaps it’s time for contractors to become active in local politics.

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