Regional heat waves are causing problems for residents and businesses with air conditioning and are proving intolerable for those without. Though many would expect better, the dorm room residents at the Olympic Village in London are not exempt from these heat wave struggles. With all the money that was spent on building and preparing for each of the Olympic venues, you’d think someone would have earmarked enough to ensure that these athletes were able to cool off, sleep, and prepare for each of their upcoming competitions. Rumor has it that the natatorium is rather steamy too.

My question to you contractors out there is, “Why?”

“Why in 2012 are we discussing discomfort in the Olympic Village?” We have the technology and the intelligence to compensate for heat waves, especially for special occasions like the Olympics.

Instead of blaming the HVAC contractor in this situation — which many will likely do — I would like to hear from contractors what they think the problem is and then offer some solutions. Perhaps the U.S.A. could provide Britain an assist in bringing state-of-the-art cool to the Olympics. Or perhaps London should have spent less money on the “Hey Jude” sing along at the end of the opening ceremonies. Either way, leave your comments below.