How strong is the power of consistency? To some, it has proven to be life changing.

At a recent industry event in Ohio, I heard how consistency changed the life of Weldon Long. Long, 49, shared his story with the assembled contractor and distributor employees. He was once a three-time convict, spending more than 13 years in jail on fraud, money laundering, and armed robbery charges. While in jail, Long endured many trials, none of which were more devastating than the death of his father.

Long promised to make his father proud — something he’d obviously failed to do up to that point. Inside his cell, he began reading books by Stephen Covey, Napoleon Hill, and Wayne Dyer. He created an outline of what he wanted to be: wealthy, educated, married, a better father. Every day he meditated and visualized what it would feel like to experience this new life.

After exiting jail in 2005, Long embarked on his newfound mission. He began a career as an HVAC salesman. A few years later, he purchased a small residential heating and cooling company, Wright Total Indoor Comfort in Colorado Springs, Colo. Just four years later — through the power of consistency — Long and his team achieved more than $20 million in residential add-on/replacement sales.

Now a motivational speaker, author, and HVAC sales trainer, Long insists HVAC contractors may attain similar results through prosperity, self discipline, and consistent actions.
Long insists the first step to success is to get the mind right. He encourages individuals to write out a list of goals. Under each goal, include one or two small actions that will help guide a person in the right direction. Then, one must spend 10 to 15 minutes each morning repeating those goals and actions to create a game plan of consistency. Through repetition and desire, each long-term achievement will grow closer, and over time, dreams become reality.

As a contractor, the more you tell yourself you will be a successful salesman, the more you will start believing it, and the more you will act upon your belief.

Long used these principles, and a specific sales process, to rise from a prison rat to a wealthy HVAC contractor. His persistence led him to incredible success. If this three-time convict can ascend to this level of success, can’t you?

Stop blaming your competitors. It’s not the economy’s fault. The products you are marketing are not holding you down. It’s the little things. They all add up, and there is no better time than now for you to start stacking the crumbs that will ultimately lead to long-term success.

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