Driving into the office one morning I saw a work truck with its logo, phone number, and advertising all over it. While reading this large moving billboard, I thought, “What a cool concept. Every HVAC contractor should be advertising with their fleet, even if it is just one truck.”

Continuing my journey down I-75 at around 80 mph (shhh!) another thought occurred to me, “I bet they already do.”

Sure, most contractors out there have implemented the standard business practices for success — business cards, websites, some social media, advertising with their trucks, etc. But do they take time out of keeping their business afloat to come up with and try new ideas?

Too often it happens that just keeping up with the minimum requirements of life sucks up all our time and energy. Starting something new is a distant idea that sounds more like an impending heart attack than something that could revolutionize a contractor’s business or even the HVACR industry.

Despite all that, making time to come up with new ideas is necessary. Contractors have been cautioned before not to get so caught up in working in the business that they forget to run and manage the business. I would like to caution you this time to not settle for where your business is at because it is successful. Perhaps it is time to push to the next level of innovation.

Trust your team, delegate some work, maybe hire somebody new, but definitely make time to innovate for your business.

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