I have a lot of questions about the HVACR industry that tend to start with the simple word “why.” I’m sure people I meet get tired of every conversation they have with me starting out the same way. Maybe that’s why most people only talk to me once.

Anyway, as I get back to blogging, you can be sure I will begin asking silly questions that always start out the same way — I wonder why …?

Once each year I see a Best Damn Truck in The Universe Contest (or something like that) on the pages of my competitor’s magazine. There are always some cool-looking designs and I really wish I had thought of that idea before they did, but I guess they deserve to get lucky sometimes.

Today I wonder why I never see a pink truck? I see NFL football players wearing pink socks, pink mouthguards, pink towels — all in support of the breast cancer awareness movement. Good idea. People walk around with pink ribbons, walk for miles and miles to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research.

There has got to be a pink truck out there somewhere, and I’m going to find it. I hope it’s an HVACR truck, but I’ll take a plumber or an electrician, just no fiberglass insulation — that’s too easy. And, when I find it, I’m going to post the picture in the pages of The NEWS.

I know a couple of people associated with the HVACR industry that are fighting breast cancer right now, and I think they might appreciate seeing a pink truck. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it would be a good way to let them know that others are thinking about them.