Can you believe it? Not only are the Detroit Tigers in the playoffs, which has happened a few times before, but the Detroit Lions, the LIONS of all teams, are playing unbelievably well — 5-0 on the season so far, unlike the perfect record of 0-16 the Lions had in 2008. (Yes, Packers, fans, I know, I know. Your team currently has the same record as the Lions, but the Packers have had much better seasons in recent memory than the Lions have, so nobody’s really surprised about that.)

So, why am I bringing this up? Because it’s a good time to remember that it takes a team, whether in sports or at an HVAC or refrigeration contracting company, to excel. Sports teams are a business after all, and the owners and players of those companies want their teams to excel, just like owners and employees of HVACR companies want their companies to do well. And for the company to do well as a whole, it takes each person doing a great job and working with others on the team to make that great job even better.

And talk about resolve! Since the 0-16 season, both the Lions management and the players have worked to improve the team and their game to have the 9-0 record they have now (if you count the last few games from last season, too). And in economic times such as these, it takes perseverance to make it through and be successful.

If a team like the Lions can have a string of game wins in a row, then you all can have your team pull together, persevere, and put more wins than losses up on the board.