If you love this industry and have a lot to say about it, I have a great place for you to try out: LinkedIn. And, more specifically, I recommend that you join The NEWS Network, our magazine’s discussion group on LinkedIn.

I once heard that people treat Facebook like a backyard BBQ, MySpace like a bar, and LinkedIn like a cocktail networking hour. What that means is that LinkedIn is a great place for you to be as a professional. I’m amazed by the connections I’ve made to really sharp people in the industry through LinkedIn.

And I also enjoy seeing the range of comments that people post — especially when the topic is controversial. Discussions in our group have covered everything from dry-shipped R-22 units to the skills gap of new hires to whether the green movement has lost its luster. I may be going out on a limb here, but chances are that if you have a pulse and are in HVAC, you’ve probably got a strong opinion on one (if not all) of these topics. And we’d appreciate hearing your view.

We’re up to 700 members now, but we’re always looking for more people to join us and add to the dialogue about the HVAC industry. You can join us here, or find us by searching “air conditioning news” under LinkedIn Groups.