I am a woman; I am a professional; and I want professional support.

Before you click away mumbling, hear me out. My request comes not from some insensitive male stereotype but rather from the professional females that spend more time concentrating on their feelings than on the business of being a professional. In an effort to help women achieve equality, many organizations have emotionally crippled her as they peddle the concept that women aren’t strong enough emotionally to handle the job at hand. How in all their effort to support women did they do this? They did it by choosing to perpetuate the myth that instead of talking about cars and learning how to run a business more effectively they would rather sit down for a mani-pedi and discuss their feelings.

Now I love a mani-pedi as much as the next girl, and my friends and I chat about our feelings often, but when I am looking for support in my career I am searching for practical advice that I can directly apply to the tasks I am assigned or choose to take on. The women in this trade - along with many other trades - need professional support, but only if it comes in a professional package that doesn’t weigh them down with being a woman.

I am a professional; I want professional support; and it’s time to do better.