Who knew you could copper mine with nothing more than a truck and a set of heavy duty cutters? The perpetrators that drove away with the old air conditioning unit from a local church last month - that’s who. Their only traces were an empty cement pad and some dangling cables hanging from the wall outside of the sanctuary.

After filing a police report, the pastor is left with a major decision as to what to do now. New units are considerably more expensive than the insurance claim check will be. The rest of the units are rather old and the overall system isn’t nearly as efficient as it could be. As a growing neighborhood church, however, the pastor and the board must delicately balance the budget, comfort, and efficiency all at the same time. This small church can’t be the only establishment in this predicament. AC theft is rampant across the United States and churches have become prime targets. So, what’s a small church to do? As industry professionals, you have the solutions. Affordable, comfortable, efficiency - can it be done? Let’s hear your solution in the comments section below.