I’m in the process of developing a story on small (12-oz.) cans of refrigerant - good thing or bad thing.

Up in Canada, such cans are banned for CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs. But they can be used in the sale of HCs.

Here is the States, I’m thinking cans of HFCs are legal as I’ve seen R-134a canisters in automotive supply stores.

Opponents of small cans of any kind contend they are mainly used for topping off leaking systems without addressing the leak. They also say that since these are sold retail, anybody can buy them and use them, whereas the handling of refrigerants should only be by qualified, certified people.

Proponents say they are just another tool in servicing HVACR equipment.

So I need help.

First, are there any rules in the United States governing small canisters of refrigerants?

Second, are then any movements afoot in the states to ban the sale of such canisters?

Third, what are your thoughts on the sale of such canisters, whether for HCs in Canada, or HFCs in the United States?