A lot of day-to-day annoyances can ruin the week. Customers not paying their bills after the work is done, employees not taking their jobs seriously enough, and the DVR malfunctioning and not taping “The Jersey Shore” are all occurrences that can lead to frustration.

However, a natural disaster such as the horrible earthquake that has unleashed its fury on Haiti certainly puts all the aforementioned problems in the proper perspective. That is probably what Mark Seider, owner of Seider Heating and Air Conditioning, is thinking right now. According to WTMJ in Milwaukee, the HVAC businessman was doing mission work for the Haiti Lutheran Mission Society. He was helping build an orphanage down there when the ground started to shake.

“It sounded like a train, and also a rumbling sound, a very deep rumbling sound,” Mark told WTMJ. He also stated a Coast Guard jet airlifted him and his group out of Haiti.

So with that in mind, now would be a good time to put our troubles (as important as they might seem at the time) into perspective and try to help the Haitian people. If you, like me, have been watching the news, you realize just how much devastation there is down there.

Since some disturbed people will use this tragedy to milk unsuspecting individuals out of money, your best bet is to visit www.clintonbushhaitifund.org so you can be sure your money is really going to Haiti. I mean, if you can’t trust former presidents Clinton and Bush to spend your money correctly, then whom can you trust?