Most service techs spend several years in classes to learn the basics of a/c, followed by on-the-job training. Manufacturers have R&D departments spending years developing the most energy-efficient, cost-effective equipment.

But all that training and cost may mean little according to a two-page advertisement, done up like a news story, in a recent issue of one of those Sunday newspaper inserts.

“Public Staying Cool For Just Pennies. Free giveaway launches the home cooling breakthrough that uses about 96 percent less electricity than air conditioners. It easily rolls from room to room to quietly blast out cold air for just pennies a day and uses no windows, no vents.”

The ad says one unit costs about $300, but you can also get a second one free if you order within 48 hours (I’m not sure how that is calculated) and if you call at certain times depending on what part of the United States you are living in (I’m not sure why that matters).

I won’t pretend to understand the product in question, although it appears to be some kind of portable cooler, and seems to use those ice bags you can keep in a freezer and then dump into a cooler prior to an outing. The ad does include a “How it works” section that doesn’t explain how it works.

As for me, I’ll stick with a basic home air conditioner made by a reputable manufacturer and serviced by someone who has had lots of training.