I was complaining recently to my colleague Angela Harris about how tough it is for me to come up with topics for my monthly column much less the weekly blogs - with the blogs being especially challenging.

She, being a good blogger, told me she tries Google searches with variations of industry words to see what comes up.

I, instead, rely on print newspaper items, e-mails, press releases, and Rush Limbaugh tirades against global warming alarmists. That may be part of my problem.

Thinking I’d give Angela’s way a try, I did type in various combos of HVACR words into a search engine and did indeed come us with some stuff worth exploring.

However, when I typed in “Cooled By Refrigeration” I was led to a Website of a somewhat questionable nature that on the surface seemed far from the technology of our industry.

The site (which shall remain unnamed here) was a review of a set of DVDs of some rather sleazy videos under the title ‘42nd Street Forever, Vol. 4: Cooled By Refrigeration.”

Since none of the movie titles related to James Bond, Andy Griffith, or Agatha Christie (my only video collections), I didn’t read the hype too closely, so I’m not sure how “Cooled By Refrigeration” figures into the equation. It may have something to do with signage on movie theatre marquees in the early days of air-conditioning. Or it may have something to do with dealing with the bodies that seemed to accumulate in such films.

One thing for sure, not all Googles head you in the best direction for HVACR blogs - although this one did fill this blog.