Here is another interesting little tidbit that consumers - your customers - are hearing from some of the general media in regards to energy and cost savings for this cooling season. In an article titled “Portable Air Conditioners Bring Cool Relief to Sizzling Energy Bills,” at, Steven Hong, president of offered portable air conditioning units as an alternative to running the entire central air system.

“These appliances [portable air conditioners] help consumers save energy and money by allowing them to shut down their central air conditioning systems and instead cool only the rooms they use the most,” he advised. “Financially, it doesn’t make sense to cool every room in the house if you only spend time in your living room and your bedroom, for instance.”

Call me naïve, but I don’t think this is quite what President Obama had in mind when he started talking about energy savings. Granted, Sylvane is selling a product, along with other portable IAQ and home comfort devices, but perhaps it is time for you - as the professional contractor - to expand your current marketing program. If a consumer considers Hong’s suggestion a viable and cost-effective solution, what type of argument are you able to offer to these misguided customers?

You and I both understand that Hong hasn’t really provided a whole-home solution. We also understand that he hasn’t addressed IAQ, humidity, or efficiency. But the customer understands saving money and in a tight economy, saving money often trumps saving energy.

I can hear you laughing at me now. The HVACR industry has laughed at other “indoor comfort solutions.” Do you remember when the Ionic Breeze hit the market with its promises? Contractors never thought that consumers would go for that product either. Need I say more?