My recent experiment with is almost down to its last tweet. Here is a sample from my latest follower: “I'm a shy girl that is looking for a guy to be intimate with me and LOYAL to only me. Please no cheaters. Patti.”

As any HVACR business venture is only successful as long as it can be commercially viable (a.k.a. making some money), I expect that a social network, like Twitter, will soon face a make-or-break point. My shy girl looking for companionship may in fact have found the magic - perhaps she is doing something that is actually making money from tweets. However, I don’t know anyone besides Patti who has figured this out.

Occasionally, I have found some interesting links to information that I care about. But honestly, I don’t care to know that Dan is bored stiff in the grocery line, or that Sheila went water skiing for the first time. The thing that bothers me most about my latest follower - shy girl Patti - is that while she wants me to be loyal to only her, she is currently following 299 other people.