According to an Associated Press article, at the University of Oregon in Eugene, 20 elliptical machines have been retrofitted at a cost of $14,000 so they can be connected to the electrical grid on campus and electricity can be generated when they are in use, which is often, I guess.

But, the project is more a demonstration of environmental concern than actually helping to reduce the amount of power the campus needs to draw from fossil fuel-burning sources.

“We’re not going to get off Middle Eastern oil by connecting up all the ellipticals all over the country,” according to Steve Mital, campus sustainability director, as quoted by the Associated Press.

“We bought it and installed it mostly because it’s an educational opportunity.”

Well, I’m ready to do my part. I work from my home and when I go to the local YMCA (to work out on an elliptical), or to go to the health food store (for stuff my wife makes me eat), or to do some banking (which on my income doesn’t take long), I ride my bicycle, weather permitting (I’m only so hardy, you know).

Now, if some folks can find a way of hooking my bike to an electrical grid, I could help out. Then again, when I bike (doing my part to help the environment), I do a lot of heavy breathing so I’m probably exhaling a lot of CO2 (not so good for the environment).

On some days, I’m suspecting I give off a lot more CO2 than my car does.