Just a reminder: Valentine’s Day is Saturday, Feb. 14. Don’t forget your loved one.

If you want to send a memorable gift for your special customers on Valentine’s Day,The NEWSwas recently given an idea. Tina Mamakos suggested a gift from the company she works for, Apple Cookie & Chocolate Factory. The idea was a wooden crate filled with 22 oz. of milk and white chocolate furnaces, air conditioners, vents, thermostats, and tins snips.

“I have never seen anything so unique,” she noted in her e-mail.

Come to find out this gift is offered through the Apple Cookie & Chocolate Factory, which boasts “We make the tools that make any job sweeter.” I visited their website (www.applecookies.com) and found out they offer a variety of products for all different industries and will personalize everything.

Heck, they can make a bite-size chocolate replica of your company logo. There’s also the “Fitter’s Helper,” which consists of a quart of molded milk chocolate tees, elbow, and valves. Or how about “HVAC Gallon of Cookies,” which is an actual gallon of chocolate chip cookies in a paint can.

“It makes gift giving for the HVAC industry much more personal and is something that your client will remember for a long time,” wrote Tina.

Not sure if there is an offering here for your loved one. Then again, we are talking chocolate…