Any time we complain about government regulations, just remember: We are not alone.

Brian Baker of Custom Vac Ltd., an HVAC contracting company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, passed along a news item from the London Telegraph. He prefaced it by saying: “It's amazing that as a business we try to get young people into the workforce helping out and doing basic jobs. (But) you will see that there (can be) many barriers to accomplishing this.”

Here’s the news item.

Karl Walker, 16, got a job at Apollo Cleaning in Chippenham, Wiltshire, England. But after a week, a regional manager ordered his supervisor to take him off the job. According to government guidelines, until he passes a "safety clearance" a 16-year-old isn't allowed to operate machinery - and that includes vacuum cleaners. That's not all: hot water is unsafe for someone of that age, and he can't use chemicals, either, such as cleaners and furniture polish.  "How can I be too young to use a vacuum cleaner?" Walker asked. "It is so stupid. I just want to earn a living." In Britain, 16-year-olds can buy lottery tickets, join the army, and consent to marriage and sex.

To which Brian added: “Sure, they’re old enough to join the military and carry a loaded automatic rifle; but unless they’ve been through custodial boot camp, keep them away from that deadly Dyson!”