Every time we get long doses of unseasonably cold weather, there are those who chuckle and say those who believe in global warming don’t know what they are talking about.

But those who believe in global warming have a counterattack. At the Accuweather.com Website, I came across the following written by staff meteorologist Brett Anderson:

The abnormally cold weather that has occurred over parts of the world recently is now being blamed on global warming by some scientists, according to an article in the Hong Kong Standard.

"We are seeing extremely unusual weather across the world," said polar researcher Rebecca Lee Lok-sze. "This is due to human activities and our style of living. Carbon dioxide emissions are heavy, which is changing the weather rapidly. We could see colder winters and hotter summers in the future in Hong Kong."

Greenpeace officials concur saying mainland scientists concluded that the extreme cold weather in China was triggered by climate change. "This does not only cause an increase in global warming but also causes extreme weather patterns," said campaigner Edward Chan.

My question is, Who are the specific scientists making this claim? The only one I see quoted is a polar researcher.

Other experts blame La Nina.  "La Nina is causing warm moist air to move to the south of China," said Professor Yan Yuk- yee, who specializes in climatology at Hong Kong Baptist University. "When this meets the cold air of the monsoon, it causes freezing conditions."

The La Nina idea makes more sense to me personally, and the article does indeed quote a specific climatologist. But, I will keep an open mind on the issue since there is just not enough information out there yet in order to prove either link.

I’m not a meteorologist like Brett Anderson, but I have been following the global warming vs. no global warming debate within the HVACR industry for more than 20 years. So if you asked me if global warming for real, I can categorically state: I haven’t got a clue.