While doctors, scientists, and researchers argue about cancer and its link to cell phone use, Bill Bissmeyer has opened a different can of worms.

The owner of B&B Energy of Indianapolis contends that the vast amount of wind turbines installed over the last few years is creating a drag on the rotation of the earth. “And anyone who understands the concept of holding an umbrella behind a moving bike can intuitively grasp the severity of this problem,” he told me.

(And for the record, a wind turbine is a rotating machine that converts the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical energy.)

As he sees it, if a child rides a bike and opens an umbrella behind him, the umbrella creates a drag and the bike slows down. (This is fundamental physics, actually.) Now apply this theorem to wind turbines and the earth.

Almost all the weather in the United States, including tornadoes, blows from West to the East, or the Southwest to the Southeast. This is the same path that the jet stream travels, Bissmeyer noted.

“The problem is that the earth rotates from East to West every day,” he offered in a recent seminar on energy. “It’s like we are holding thousands of huge umbrellas behind a moving bike. We are potentially slowing the rotation of the earth down by as much as a few seconds every year. This could upset the delicate balance of time and put all of our seasons and calendars off over a period of several thousand years.”

And I think he added the following tongue-in-cheek (or, did he?): “This phenomenon could cause the cancellation of spring breaks in the Northern hemisphere.”

In his mind, wind turbines are creating a drag on the rotation of the earth. And, though no scientists, meteorologist or weather association is exploring this topic, suffice it to say Bissmeyer is.

Bissmeyer, who has served as president of the Indiana Energy Savings Initiative and has been a president of both the Dayton, Ohio, and the Fort Wayne, Ind., chapters of ASHRAE, admits scientists have not studied his “umbrella wind turbine theory,” So, in truth, he is in the dark as to whether what he believes is true is indeed 100 percent accurate or not.

Persons wishing to look deeper into this concept so that they can espouse the same theorem are being asked to visit www.greentint.net. Then again, Bissmeyer is happy to talk to interested parties at 317-546-3000; or by e-mail, bbair1@ol.com.

If you call Bill, I recommend you don’t use a cell phone.