The Service Hotline has been one of the longest running components ofThe NEWS. It has a simple format. You write in a question that you have about some aspect of field service, we route it off to someone in the industry who we feel might be able to give you a good answer, the answer is sent back to us, we route it off to you, and then publish both your question and the answer in an issue ofThe NEWS.

The answers are not instantaneous, so they are not for those of you who may have wrench in hand and are unsure of how many turns or fractions of a turn you should be making.

But if you come across something you are just not sure about, or are wondering what best practices might be, or just have a question on your mind that’s bugging you, the Hotline is the place to find an answer.

The problem right now is that the well is dry. We’ve used up our backlog of Hotline Q&A. So we need some new questions. After all, technology and ways of doing things are constantly changing. (For example, we once ran a Hotline about using R-11 to kill wasps. Don’t think that one is valid anymore.)

So, if you have a question, send it to me at