As promised earlier, here are a few more 6 Million Dollar questions, of which I do not have answers for:

• As this is 2008, why is it that some HVACR contractors do not have a Website?

• Is the Internet helping or hurting the HVACR industry?

• If the unionized sheet metal industry is in trouble, does this bode well for ductless systems?

• When will it be required throughout the U.S. that in order to practice HVACR, one will need a license?

• What do you think of the California Energy Commission?

• What do contractors think of North American Technician Excellence (NATE)? If you believe in it, are you and your techs NATE certified? If not, why not?

• On a residential call, what would a female technician do better than a male technician?

• On a residential call, what would a male technician do better than a female technician?

• Do you believe in LEED? Do you even know what it is?

• Will this industry ever agree on an energy efficiency policy?

• A speaker at an industry trade association a few years ago stated “Contractors and technicians have little influence in our industry. Who has the power? Suppliers? Manufacturers? Banks? Government? Customers?” It’s a good question. What is the answer?

• Why do Europe and the U.S. differ so much on the refrigerant issues?

If you believe you have the answer to any of the above, let me know. E-mail or post me a comment online.