Unfortunately, every one of us has at least one story we can tell about a bad experience we’ve had with a contractor. When it gets right down to it, a lot of people just don’t trust contractors. Oh, when asked about their own contractors, they say, “Well, of course he’s reputable, I’ve known him for years. But you can’t trust the rest of them.” So, your good customers trust you. But they don’t trust the guy down the street. That’s a sad commentary on our industry, isn’t it?

Here is how it happens: You tend to get lumped in with roofers, carpenters, masons, and many other trades when people talk about contractors. Nothing against those other trades, they’re great people in their own right. But it is unfortunate that people, especially residential consumers, have a tendency to group all of their experiences into one memory bank.

Again, not to dis other trades, but what other contracting trade can do so much good for people? What other contractor can say these things?

I CANimprove your indoor air quality.

I CANalleviate the mold problem in your building.

I CANhelp reduce your child’s asthma suffering.

I CANprovide better temperature control.

I CANhelp you be more comfortable in your own home.

This is a powerful profession that you belong to, and you should be very proud of it.

During frequent visits to speak with various industry groups, I often refer to HVAC contractors as “House Doctors.” Spread the good word.