Just when I thought I had mastered the art of change, something else has happened. Instead of moving my cheese, someone rearranged my keyboard. My second row of keys containing the oft-used ERT has now been scattered to other rows. I’m not so concerned about the Q since it seldom is used anyway. I never could figure how Q got so much prominence while A and S were relegated to the second row.

And why can’t @ have its own key with the advent of e-mail addresses? At least the . is located next to my right index finger for easy access when typing in Website URLs.

Now comes word that the whole keyboard will be changed to “correct” past oversights and add oft-used keys in more convenient locations. Everything else in our world is changing so why should keyboards be spared? No status quo is sacred.

When you make your next truck or van purchase, don’t you think the price of gas will influence your buying decision? It should. Hybrids and fuel efficiency are the buzzwords now.

When you customers think replacement HVAC systems will the cost of energy have anything to do with their buying decision? It better. If it doesn’t, then you aren’t doing your job.

It’s time to rearrange your customer’s QWERTY - even if they are in their “keyboard comfort zone.” Change is tough - not adapting to it is tougher. Can you say 13 SEER?