The retail selling environment is a little scary in these days of escalating energy prices, “climate change,” record snow falls, and severe weather warnings across most of the country.

The industry is also touting air filtering and purifying systems that get rid of a bunch of bad stuff that we can’t even see.

Think about it … this is NEGATIVE stuff. How do you sell NEGATIVE? I don’t think you can be successful by just focusing on the bad.

What we are really selling in this industry is RELIEF.

Our high-efficiency systems relieve you of the high cost of energy. Our furnaces and air conditioners provide RELIEF from global warming or global cooling.

Many contractors are now selling wholehouse generators for RELIEF from the ravages of power outages.

And when it comes to IAQ, we are selling RELIEF from smog, pollen, dander, and ragweed.

Can you visualize this advertising headline in your market: How do you spell relief?

AAA Air Conditioning & Heating.