Yeah, some people think there is no such thing as a silver lining. Where in the heck did that phrase come from anyway? Try John Milton’s work “Comus” in 1634. I keep a copy on my coffee table for reference purposes. Right next to my Funk & Wagnall.

I happen to believe that there is a silver lining to everything. People in the HVACR trade should think that, too. Sure we are facing some tough times but we’ve faced tough times before - even tougher. The business owners who survive are always the ones who believe in and seek out the silver lining in everything.

So what if your new equipment sales are down? People still need service and people will still need replacements. But don’t look at every situation with a defeatist attitude. Just because you think all a person is going to settle for is a $79.95 clean and inspect doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to ask about humidity control or zoning. Maybe they won’t want it now but they may change their spending habits in 6-12 months. Are you going to be satisfied with “just” a $79.95 clean and inspect? If you are you fail to see the silver lining.

Think positive and if you have to settle for less, know that the potential is there for a lot more. Heck, that silver lining can turn into a pot of gold. And if you know what great rock-and-roll band sung these lyrics, drop me a line:

“Many dreams come true

And some have silver linings

I live for a dream

And a pocketful of gold.”