If you want to find out if the climate change hysteria is real then go to Washington, D.C. Talk to your representatives and you’ll see they are excited about fluorescent light bulbs (pssst… they have mercury in them), and they are passionate about carbon caps and credits for the big, bad industries that pollute (pssst… China emits more carbon than we do and there is no word in Chinese for “cap”).

I even heard a representative from Wisconsin boasting about how she introduced a bill to cut down on energy use by electronic devices while they were in standby mode and the millions of kilowatts it was going to save (pssst… manufacturers will have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to change their products).

What I don’t understand is why Congress has not discovered a 21st century technology called residential heating and air conditioning.

A new high-efficiency system can make a bigger difference for the homeowner and for our “fragile” planet than all the fluorescent light bulbs, front-loading washing machines, and Toyota Priuses combined. All we have to do is “accelerate” the replacement of old HVAC systems with high efficiency 410A condensing units and 90-plus furnaces (pssst… We also need to make sure the existing ductwork doesn’t cool and heat the attic space).

If Congress is hell bent on saving Mother Earth in the next decade then why not do something to replace all the inefficient HVAC systems in the 50 plus million existing homes in the United States. Now there is a hysterical idea!