There seems to be dangerous thinking pervading some casual conversations around our country. People are always talking about how to increase efficiency will reducing costs of HVAC equipment. That’s a given. But they are also talking about the importance of “going green,” too. Let’s face it, energy prices are not going to be falling anytime soon and utility costs will continue to take a big bite out of the monthly budget.

However, now we have other things to think about. We are being told to change our habits. Instead of shopping for new, more energy-efficient systems, people are actually having the audacity to think that changing their everyday habits may be just as important as changing out their equipment. Holy plummeting profit centers, Batman! Not only that, these same people think that it isn’t their HVAC equipment that needs servicing, it’s their mindset.

Don’t touch the equipment - touch the thermostat. Don’t change the filters, change the furniture and reduce the number of cleaning chemicals you use. Holy cow, Armageddon for the HVAC trade!

In the nation’s efforts to step up the green movement, is it possible that the HVAC trade will take a backseat to the headline-grabbing efforts of becoming more environmentally friendly in our homes and businesses? Sure, we all want healthier eco-friendly indoor environments. I like to know what is going into my family’s lungs. But let’s not lose sight of energy-efficiency during this thought process. People can throw and extra log on the fire (as long as it hasn’t been treated with harmful pest control pollutants) or a blanket over their bed (as long as the V.O.C.s emitted from the polyester fibers are at an acceptable level) but in the end, their HVAC system is not going to last forever unless it is properly maintained and replaced when it becomes too expensive to operate.

Let’s make sure our customers don’t lose sight of that.