You gotta like Milt Baum.

The president of International Service Leadership (ISL) can certainly entertain contractor members. He proved that at the association’s owners’ conference held this past week (Oct. 10-12) in St. Louis. The affable leader had them, as the cliché goes, laughing in the aisles.


Laughing hard, too.

The rotund wonder had a terrific time, joking with members, bantering with a few fortunate (or, is that unfortunate?) contractors, and having a field day with “PODS,” ISL’s version of networking. On the serious side, PODS stands for Performance On Demand Sessions. On the not-so-serious side, Baum had some fun with the association’s new creation, having – as he would put it – a “terrif-POD” time with it.

Even ISL vice president Bob Wilkins was not able to avoid -- more than a few -- Baum’s blasts. He thoroughly enjoyed mocking Wilkins’ new hairdo, which was (purposely) minus any grey. Never mind that Baum is bald. He even went so far as to call his right-hand man -- in jest, of course -- “the anti-Christ.”

Let’s just say Baum made a long meeting, which was filled with progressive program unveilings, most enjoyable.

And, in my estimation, there’s nothing wrong with having a little (or more) levity in the workplace. Like Baum, I believe it is uplifting not only for one’s self, but also for those all around.

Try it. You’ll like it.

If you believe in the power of levity, let me know and I will post your comments. I want to know how you, as a contractor, manage to keep your troops loose.

P.S. If Baum abdicates his ISL throne, opts out of this industry for whatever reason, or just decides to change careers, here’s betting he – at the very least -- could make it at a local comedy club. After watching him perform, heck, I’d go see the New Jersey ham. If he’s not a finalist on “Last Comic Standing,” landing a half-hour special on Comedy Central is not out of the question.