Not sure about you, but I receive a ton of e-mails a day. Of course, 99.8 percent are worthless. I still have yet to find out why Dr. Mikel Georth would leave me funds in a secret bank in Chicken, Alaska, or why a person named Janet Luhrs would want me to buy a Germ Guardian™ Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier.

In regard to the last offer, this humidifier offers nano-silver technology that is supposed to sanitize the water for germ-free humidification, has ultrasonic technology designed to create a fine humidity mist, and does not require cleaning or filters to replace. There is also a table top version, which is (they say) great for travel.

Of course, I am sure airline security would certainly question a person traveling with a humidifier. This is not a common practice, is it? I am tempted to buy one, especially since I can try one for 30 days absolutely free. But, why should I? Why should I listen to what Janet Luhrs has to say?

After all, this woman is the editor and publisher of Simple Living ( and the author of two best-selling books. While I do not doubt she can help people, I’m not sure how endorsing a humidifier fits the equation.

Note to self: Begin deleting 99.9 percent of e-mails from here on out.