The first step toward even having a chance to win the lotto (if you have one) in your home state is to actually purchase a ticket. Without entering, there’s no chance in you-know-where to take home the prize pot.

The same applies toThe NEWS’annual “Best Contractor To Work For” contest. If you or a fellow employee does not bother to fill out the online entry form, you will never take home the hardware, all bragging rights, and everything else that goes with capturing this prestigious award.

If you have entered in the past, but were not awarded the title, please enter again. No harm in trying another time.

Don’t know the ins and outs of this contest? Click, it will tell you what you need to supply us.

Here’s a hint: The more information you can supply us concerning your boss and place of business the better. NEWS editors, who have the dubious task of examining each and every submittal, will use this info to determine the cream of the crop. All editors here will tell you they enjoy reading these nomination forms. It is always enjoyable reading what the better contractors do to not only recruit employees, but also how each goes about retaining quality workers.

Deadline to enter is tomorrow: Friday, Nov. 16. All online forms need to be in no later than the end of the day Nov. 16. Any and all entries that are e-mailed after Nov. 16 will not be accepted. Meanwhile, if you must mail your entry via the good ol’ U.S. Postal Service, be aware that any form postmarked after Nov. 16 will not be accepted.

Good luck, to all who enter.