What is going on with the unitary air conditioning companies this year? Trane sells off the American Standard plumbing business and then is taken over by Ingersoll-Rand. Goodman is bought by another holding company. Carrier and one of their largest distributor organizations part ways in California. Rheem Manufacturing moves corporate offices from the Big Apple to the Peachtree City and announces a major corporate restructuring. I won’t even go into all the executive resignations and appointments because it would take up half a page.

Was it all a coincidence or does our industry need a thorough shake-up every decade or so? I think the major challenges faced by our industry with the 13 SEER change over wasn’t necessarily the culprit, but it might have exposed some weaknesses or it might have “burned out” some of the people at the top. Also, after half a dozen great years, the industry companies had a lot of explaining to do about missed budgets.

Then again it could have been something in the air.