Everywhere I travel these days I see green. At the HARDI convention, there were seminars on the Energy Star “whole-house” program and a new LEEDS Certification program for residential new construction. I even saw a green motor at the Supplier Conference Booth program. At the AMCA convention (Air Movement & Control Assoc), there was talk about the headquarters renovation project being LEED certified at an additional cost of $100,000 to include showers for those that take their bicycles to work. Then at MSCA (Mechanical Service Contractors Association) annual convention. I learned over 90 cities are now requiring new commercial buildings to be LEED certified.

I can’t turn on the TV or read without seeing green. There was a recent news story that Wal-Mart will be requiring its suppliers to have “sustainability” programs to take their carbon footprint down a few sizes. And here is a case of green gone too far! An article in our local newspaper proclaimed the availability of green cat litter that’s biodegradable. No way is my cat, Rumples, going to be “pawing” at high priced corn pellets.

I know I should be in favor of all this, but I tend to agree with the famous quote from Kermit the Frog. “I hate green.”