A warm blend of sparkling bergamot and fresh ginger. Clean musk notes of white tea, amid spicy nuances of vetiver and nutmeg.

Upon first glance, I thought I was supposed to drink it. It sounded like a glass of fine wine. However, it was a bar of soap in a semi-fancy hotel room. I don’t know what bergamot and vetiver are, but during my college days I’m sure I would have ingested it without much question.

Adams Hudson, of Hudson Ink, recently described a “grande double-latte mocha frapaccino with an extra shot hot” as simply being “16 ounces of hot water poured over a cracked bean.” His ultimate point: Did people really need another cup of coffee when Starbucks created the specialty coffee craze?

Once the fancy packaging and descriptions are peeled away, one is just another fruity smelling bar of soap and the other is coffee - good smelling coffee. Maybe, it’s just the advertising.

Just as the sizzling steak presented with colorful garnishments always looks more appetizing, so does the contracting company that markets itself looks to be more professional than the proverbial jackleg.

Watch the video provided courtesy of Heating, Airconditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) if you want to feel proud about what this industry can really do. A little marketing can go a long way.

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