With energy prices reaching record levels, GreenBiz.com has just published a briefing paper to address the problem titled "Energy Management and Shareholder Value." According to GreenBiz.com, this free, downloadable paper shows how companies that take a systematic and strategic approach to energy management can enjoy a broad array of tangible and intangible benefits of increasing interest to investors.

Tracy Fisher, senior program manager for GreenBiz.com, stated, "The briefing paper describes how financial analysts and institutional investors have come to understand this energy-value connection, and how energy management is becoming another measure by which they assess companies. It provides examples of the bottom-line value of strategic energy management, and provides insight into overcoming barriers faced inside many companies."

"Energy Management and Shareholder Value" can be downloaded in PDF format at www.greenbiz.com/energybriefing.

Publication date: 05/02/2005