KAYSVILLE, Utah - ABC Office has announced the addition of 27 new Offis Life shredders to its current line of shredding equipment. Offis Life brings a variety of shredders, from home and office to industrial-strength machines, to ABC Office. Offis Life is a Web-exclusive shredder that is only available online.

According to the company, this new addition will give businesses more flexibility and choices. Shredding sensitive documents is now a requirement for all businesses under the recent federal FACTA law (www.abcoffice.com/facta.htm). Sensitive material and documents should be shredded in any office, home, or school environment.

The ABC Office Interactive Shopping Assistant sorts through hundreds of available shredders and whittles the list down to a select few by asking businesses a few common questions. ABC Office also has highly trained shredder security representatives that can help answer additional questions.

Once the needed shredder has been picked, businesses can order through a secure shopping cart over the Internet. Once the order is placed, the shredder is shipped within 24 to 48 hours. Most orders will be received within five to seven business days. To see the entire lineup of paper shredders, including Offis Life, visit www.abcoffice.com/shred1.htm.

Publication date: 04/10/2006