Two new models - STE-6015 and STE-6016 - have been added to the STE-6000 Series of room temperature sensors. This series is specifically designed to complement the manufacturer's digital controllers, but can be used within other building automation systems. It incorporates a 10,000-ohm thermistor. Model STE-6015 allows selection of an override, and provides accurate temperature sensing with the assistance of a data port on the cover's underside for easy temporary computer connection to the controller. This model has also been constructed to provide an interface utilizing a modular RJ-45 connector to the associated controller. The STE–6016 includes an LCD display for the room temperature and set point. The temperature display can be toggled between Fahrenheit and Celsius. It allows a user to adjust the set point via the up and down arrow buttons on the front panel. This new unit also features a data port and comes standard with a modular connector as well. These units come standard in light almond, but are also available in white.

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