A new series of airflow meters has been added to the CompactPro line. The 435 Series offers three methods of airflow measurement: pitot tube, hot wire anemometer, and rotating vane probe with flow rates up to 4,000 fpm and temperatures up to 160°F. The three-mode airflow probe measures airflow, temperature, and humidity simultaneously. The devices can be upgraded with the manufacturer's advanced wireless probe technology for remote monitoring of temperature and relative humidity. The meter features easy-to-follow menus and a large backlit display for readings in either English or metric units and in eight languages. Three common modes of operation - duct, standard, and IAQ - are preprogrammed and selected by the push of a button. In the duct mode, timed mean measurements let the user analyze flow variations in a duct at a specific location over a defined time period, whereas multipoint measurements allow the user to average flow readings at different locations, to help better characterize an HVAC system. The ComSoft 3 software offers data management, utilizing the instrument's memory capacity of 10,000 readings with date and time, location, job number, and client number.

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