WardFlex is a continuous, flexible, annular stainless steel gas piping system. Certified by the Canadian Standards Association, the gas piping installs without heavy lifting, cutting, threading, and extensive measuring. The one corrugate-ring crush zone seals tight with a couple of turns with hand tools, in a few minutes. It has a maximum allowable working pressure of 25 psig. Depending on the unit, the piping has an inside diameter of 0.45-2.114 inches (11.5-53.7 millimeters) and a length of 100-250 feet (30.48-76.2 meters). The StepSaver Double-seal fitting is designed to reduce assembly time, with a metal-to-metal and metal-to-gasket double seal to minimize the potential for leaks. According to the manufacturer, the fitting is 40 percent smaller than its predecessor. The reusable gasket allows for fast reassembly without replacing any of the fitting components.

Ward Manufacturing, P.O. Box 9, 117 Gulick St., Blossburg, PA 16912-0009; 800-248-1027 or 570-638-2131; www.wardflex.com

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