ROCKVILLE, Md. - The Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) has announced the addition of a four-hour course on "The Profitability of Safety" to the curriculum of Job Operations Seminars offered through its National Education Initiative (NEI).

Geared toward company owners, safety managers, and operations managers, the course is designed to educate participants about the cost savings that can be realized from a good safety program and the management of incidents. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Effective safety programs = fewer accidents = lower insurance costs;

  • The hidden costs of accidents;

  • What your Experience Modification Rate (Emod) means and how you can manage it;

  • How much a high Emod really costs you;

  • Why it is important to create and maintain a relationship with medical care providers;

  • The importance of a light duty program; and

  • Why your company needs a written safety program and how to get one started.

    Job Operations Seminars are presented by Kathryn Crosby, a past member of the MCAA board of directors, former chair of MCAA's Project Management Education Committee, former vice president/CFO of Harding Mechanical Inc., and now the president of C2 Consulting Inc., Salt Lake City.

    For additional information about this and other courses offered under the banner of MCAA's National Education Initiative, visit

    Publication date: 09/18/2006